FOCUS: Good Times! (v3n24)

Selected Life Lesson
Remember the good times, not the bad times.
-Kay L’s life lesson from Olathe, Kansas

Richard’s Thoughts…
Halloween is coming up and it has me thinking about when I was a kid. We lived in a small town in Iowa but would drive around on Halloween to neighborhoods to get as much candy as we could.

Also being from Iowa, there was more than one year where it was so cold, we would get all dressed up only to need to wear our winter coats over our costumes. I hated doing that, especially on years when I was a Ninja Turtle or a Ghostbuster. I even had the backpack! But those are the memories I’m remembering this week.

Take moments every day to remember the good times. The times you laughed so hard you cried. The times you just laughed for no reason for five minutes. And the time your brother spilled pudding in the kitchen and it ended up on the ceiling. It’s those happy moments that make the day.

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