Your WOW Factor

On any given day, you are liable to talk positively or negatively about a company or an organization that you have interactions with. Businesses count on the positive interactions to increase what they call brand awareness. The same goes for your as a person.

When someone has an interaction with you, they will feel something. They will think something. And they will remember something. Believe it or not, what that is, is entirely up to you.

Think about your favorite companies and people. They all have something you remember without even thinking about it. I can tell you right now that I LUV Southwest Airlines because they are easy to work with, don’t gouge me and genuinely love what they do and who they serve. I can tell you right now that my experiences with many other airlines don’t give me that same feeling. Their “WOW” factor is a negative one.

The same thing goes with people. My friend Tylor who is a tennis pro has a “WOW” factor when it comes to his passion for his craft. He really is the most passionate person I know who works each and every day on the court. His clients feed off of his passion and his energy. I also know other people who drain your energy, your passion and your drive.

I bring all this up because of what Is aid at the beginning: What people feel about you, is in fact, entirely up to you!

What is your WOW factor?

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