FOCUS: Be Positive! (v2n48)

Selected Life Lesson
Channel your energy into positive thoughts – negativity can cost your health!
-Diane E’s life lesson from Robins, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was starting to play tennis again, even if my body screams at me to quit. I’m not going to! Well, at least I am not going to go out without a fight! Also, last week I wrote about being open about all your dreams. Well, one of my dreams for this year is to play in four local tournaments. Time will tell if I’m able to pull that off, but I’m going to give it my best.

When I do return to the competitive arena of tennis, I will need to keep this week’s lesson in mind. Getting back out on the court, there are definitely bumpy moments. Things that used to be second nature are having to be relearned. But I’m enjoying the journey.

No matter what, I will need to keep a positive attitude. In practice. In training. And in the first match. I can bet it will not be pretty. But I will fight. Just like negativity can cost you your health, it can also cost you performance, it can cost you lost time and it can most certainly derail your dreams. Keep is positive this week!

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