FOCUS: Respect (v2n46)

Selected Life Lesson
Treat each person you meet with utmost respect – you can learn something positive from everyone.
-Philip D’s life lesson from Ankeny, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
In my resent workshops, I’ve been hearing a lot about respect and the importance of respecting each other. Obviously I agree. I love Philip’s lesson about treating everyone with respect. I love meeting new people and learning new things. Having the opportunity to work with amazing audiences has afforded me the chance to meet a lot of people that continue to change my life.

Audiences often teach me something about myself and about my life. I would like to believe it is because I listen to anyone I meet and am always trying to learn. That is a great way to show respect: just listen. Try it the rest of this week.

It is Spring now … so listen to the world around you. Listen to your husband or wife or your significant other. Listen to the birds. Listen and give respect to every person you meet.

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