FOCUS: Love!

Selected Life Lesson
Never miss the opportunity to say, “I love you.”
-Linda L’s Life Lesson from St. Louis, Mo.

Richard’s Thoughts…
Last week was Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent some time reflecting on your love for your special someone and those special people in your life who make every day amazing. We all need those kinds of people in our lives. They enrich us and we should strive to enrich them.

Love, in it’s simplest form is the most basic way to show compassion to another human-being. I strive to do that at least once a week – show someone close to me or even a long-lost friend that they mean something to me. It could be as big as an in-person hug, or a hand-written note. I’ve even been so simple as to send a text message with the ever-simple message of love and appreciation.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we all did that once a week. My good friend Tylor is coming to stay with me this weekend attend a conference here in town. We are looking forward to come coffee, some pizza and rekindling our friendship. I hope you can find some time to do the same this week. From me to you: Thank – You! You all mean the world to me!

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