Finding Inspiration

So what if my book is done? (by the way, I’m not actually asking that… I’m using it to push me at the moment and you’ll find out why if you keep reading.) It is a tremendous accomplishment for me. I almost quit the project at numerous times, but I kept at it and have a book to show for it!

But now what? No one ever told me what comes next! It took over a year of my life to write Anything is Possible, and here I am, with 80 copies sitting my office, the book for sale on Amazon, but not project in the works. People tell me to enjoy the success for awhile. To take some time for me. I’m trying but as I find my schedule easing up late last month and this month, I’m finding myself with an extreme case of work-fever.

I want to work. I want to create. I love taking photos and painting, but I absolutely love learning about words. I love pushing reading not only intellectually, but personally and emotionally. And right now, I’m not doing that. I need a new project.

I have a few ideas for fiction stories, but I have never written a full-length novel, so that is another barrier to overcome. I also have an idea to take the Life Lessons to another level, but am putting that into the five-year plan at the moment. So, I’m going to spend my time and energies getting in front of more audiences (can you help?) and doing some short-story writing. I have a ton of room to grow as a writer so I’m looking to get inspired.

That begs my question for you:

When you are challenged (or in a rut), who inspires you?

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