FOCUS: Reasons!

This Week’s Lesson
Everything does happen for a reason!
-Jody D’s life lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
It’s an old saying, but I believe it’s true. One of my favorite television shows (that of course got canceled) was Studio 60. A line from that show has always stuck with me: “I don’t ask God ‘why’ when the good things happen to me, so I’m not going to ask now.” I try and take that same approach to my life.

I believe everything does happen for a reason. I struggled through writing my book because I needed to learn to be a better writer. I get sick because I’m not taking care of myself. I am now able to run five miles (in a row!) because I’ve worked hard to get that endurance.

Why have things been happening to you? Are you sleeping too much or not spending enough time on your hobbies? And here’s another question: are they happening to you or because of you? Don’t leave anything to chance! Everything does happen for a reason … so make it a good one!

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