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*This post is the second in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest.

On virtually every blog that I read, over the last three weeks everyone has been writing and reflecting about 2009 and what their vision and goals are for 2010. I was no different. I reflected on my 2009 and looked forward to what this year is going to hold.

With each new year comes a chance to re-evaluate priorities and re-align your life.

Over at Illuminated Mind, a recent post got me thinking about my own priorities. Last year I had a goal to read 12 books. I missed the mark by two. The reason partially is that I didn’t pick up a book the last two months of the year because I was working so hard to finish my own. I again have a goal to read 12 books this year and I’m heading into that goal with a full-steam ahead.

I have a stack of books awaiting my eyes. I am currently reading Andre Agassi’s Open and am enjoying not only the book, but the journey a book brings.

Last Saturday I was sitting in my reading chair (yes, I have one!) and just enjoyed relaxing with my book and a cup of tea. I plan on keeping reading as a part of my almost daily routine. It helps me. It relaxes me. It keeps my creative energy at the surface.

Reading is something I do to live. Yes, I have a reading goal, but I’m not thinking of it as something to “get done.” No. It’s a journey and something I’m doing to live my life and not let life live me.

What is one thing you do now that helps you live? If you can’t think of anything, what is one thing you could start doing to help you live?

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