FOCUS: Your Mission! (v2n32)

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This Week’s Lesson
Stressing over the interruptions that I thought were taking me away from my purpose, it dawned on me that my interruptions were part of my mission in life.
-Janice F’s life lesson from Kansas City, Mo.

Richard’s Thoughts…
Over the last year, I have been working on a lot of projects and most of them have probably taken longer than they should have. For instance, I am in the final stages of my book, Anything is Possible. It has been a long journey and one at times I wasn’t sure I would finish. But here I am, picking out a cover and working out the final details.

Reading this lesson from Janice got me thinking about my daily life and how many things I have my hands in. From non-profit work, speaking clients to now shopping for the holidays, I’ve had the busiest year of my life. But I’ve loved every second of it! From every interruption and everything I get involved in, I have the opportunity to learn something about myself and the world around me. I relish that chance every time it happens.

I like being busy. I enjoy the fast pace of life. But as I near the end of 2009, I’m going to work on focusing more energy on the people around me. I won’t get rid of the outside projects and interruptions that I enjoy so much, but I want to spend more time on people and our shared dreams. Keep focused on the things you care about and the things that make you smile.

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