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Two weeks ago, I wrote about a terrible first business meeting. Continuing with that theme today, let’s focus on you! What is your first business meeting like?

I think we all can agree how important the first five seconds and five minutes are to the sustainability of not only friendships, but business relationships. If I don’t at least sell you on my personality in the first five minutes, chances are you’re not going to be interested. Sometimes we make mistakes and think we like someone and find out two years later we were mistaken. We’re not talking about that.

We’re talking about that initial meeting where relationships are built and business is lost.

Think about your most recent “first” meeting and ask yourself these questions.

a) What was the mood?

b) Did I focus on them and not myself?

c) Did it feel like a conversation?

If your answers to those questions are: positive, absolutely and yes, then you are on the right track.

The key to building a positive business relationship is to make it feel like you’re not in business. Why do you think there are so many meetings over coffee, golf and beer? That’s what you do with friends and when you do business with someone, you might as well be friends too.

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