FOCUS: Do It! (v2n13)

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This Week’s Lesson
I can do more than I thought I could.
-Marian A’s life lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
Did you see the end of the British Open on Sunday? (Maybe you slept through it…) Well, I did watch it and I found myself shedding a few tears for the gentleman, Tom Watson. Yes, I am thrilled for the winner Stewart Cink, but Tom Watson was someone my father cheered for growing up. Here was a guy playing in a major championship and lead until the 72nd hole at age 59… 59!

No one gave Tom a chance going into the Championship; in fact the odds-makers had him at 1000-1. But in his post-match press conference Tom said he believed going into the week that he would have a chance because he’d been playing well, but he also knew the course really well. He had it until that final putt came up short. It was fun and excruciating to watch Tom on Sunday. I wanted him to win.

One of my favorite columnists did a video tribute at the end of the tournament saying, “Thank-You” to Tom. And I do too. Thank-You! He is an inspiration to myself and everyone who think they can’t do something, either they can’t start or can’t do something they always have. I’m currently making my much anticipated tennis comeback and it’s going to be a struggle, but Tom gives me hope. What have you been talking yourself down from? Well, if Tom can do it, so can you… so get to it!

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