FOCUS: Embrace Change (v2n10)

This Week’s Lesson
Change is going to happen whether I embrace it or fear it. It’s a lot easier to embrace it.
-Sue P’s life lesson from Cedar Falls, Iowa

Richard’s Thoughts…
If you’re reading this Thursday morning, I’m under the knife undergoing some changes. If you’re reading this later in the day, the change is complete, but I’m probably not coherent enough to talk about it… or talk at all! (just an fyi, I’m having my wisdom teeth taken out!) But it was time for change and so for some unknown reason, I chose to get four teeth taken out.

I will be better for it and so will you! No no no… I’m not suggesting you schedule to have yours out! I do ask for you to look at something in your life you’ve been wanting and maybe even pining to change but you constantly stop yourself and make excuses as to why you’re not making the needed changes. It’s time you start to embrace change!

Last week I mentioned I had reached the two year mark for my company and while I still have a lot of goals I haven’t achieved with this venture, I continue to change how I’m going to get there. (I bet you didn’t know the name for my first year was Winglight Productions?) I loved it, but I needed to make the change to make business easier. Each of us has simple changes we can make to help us achieve our goals or eliminate stress. What change can you embrace today? Who knows… you may even find new happiness, or joys, or love or just a relaxing evening! Good luck!

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