7 Lessons From the School Bus

1) Be Friendly. My first ever ride on the bus, the bus-driver walked with me to find a riding buddy and I will always remember his name: Brandon Repp.

2) Understand the Class System. You don’t get to ride in the back until you are older. I did, but then as I got older, I made the front the place to be. It’s were all the sports talk would happen.

3) Listen to Directions. I had a few bus drivers would wouldn’t take crap from anyone. I admired that and liked when they wouldn’t put up with guff from riders.

4) Be on Time: I was only late to the bus once. But that one time taught me not to be late!

5) Sleep… or Don’t. Some people can sleep on a long bus ride, some can’t. If you can and plan on it, stay in the front. If you don’t and don’t plan on it, stay in the back.

6) Don’t Do Your Homework. You can’t read it afterwards anyway, so don’t try. It obviously wasn’t that important in the first place, so just enjoy the ride.

7) Be Thankful. I always tried to thank my driver, especially on sports trips. Giving thanks is a powerful gift it costs nothing to give.

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