FOCUS: Rain! (v1n49)

This Week’s Lesson
Perception is everything. If it’s storming you can choose to let it bring you down or learn to dance in the rain!
-Alison B’s life lesson from Waterloo, Illinois

Richard’s Thoughts…
It’s April, and according to the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” I’m the type of person who loves the rain. There are times I even chose to run in the rain. It never stops me. I love the smell of a fresh rain, the sounds it brings and the feeling of new beginnings.

I hope this week you’re finding things that are making you happy. That was your charge last week. If you’ve been struggling, could it be that you are seeing it as rain and not an opportunity?

I believe everything in life is an opportunity. How do you see it? If it’s raining, is it ruining your day, or bringing new life to your flowers and freshness to the air? What part of your life can you rain on this week to bring a new attitude or perspective? Happy storming!

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