Respect With a Blackberry

Have a meeting tomorrow morning? Come in late, stand against the front wall and respond to emails on your Blackberry. How will you be perceived?

I recently had that experience and had this terrible feeling. It was beyond depressing.

First of all, if you’re that important, please leave this meeting that you’re not even paying attention to.

Secondly, it’s beyond rude and inappropriate to be standing against the wall, let alone respond to emails during a meeting.

I read an article this morning referencing an Australian research project that says it’s not simply a bad habit to be connected to instant messaging and Blackberrys. The research found that its a mental disorder.

The world won’t end if you don’t get back to the email right away. The world won’t end if you’re not at a meeting.

I love the opportunity to connect with all my readers from the United States, my home; but also people all around the world. But I also welcome a vacation I am planning for this fall. The destination is unknown but the more and more I live in this fast-paced world and in a fast-paced industry, the more and more I’m excited to take the vacation where the cell-phone is off the whole time.

Take a moment, take tomorrow night and don’t check your email. Don’t instant message. Do something for you. Enjoy the quiet of the night.

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